Moisture Control

Moisture can damage your home in many ways. In fact, excessive moisture and wood-decaying fungi cause close to $20 billion each year in damage to homes in the US. Learn More About Moisture Control Moisture in your home is a danger sign; it can cause wood decay, fungi, and can make your home the perfect […]

Bed Bug Control

Are you afraid that bed bugs may be in your home, biting you and your family, leaving little, red, itchy welts? Bed bugs were thought to have been eradicated in the US, but we’ve seen more and more cases of them coming back in Alabama. Learn More About Bed Bug Control Bed bugs can be […]

Pest Control

Pest infestations do not develop overnight. If an infestation does occur, the help of a Southern Pride Pest Control professional may be needed to properly identify the pest and precisely treat the infested area for the best pest control. Learn More About Pest Control A pest infestation does not take place overnight. It is a […]

Mosquito Control

Here in Alabama, it’s easy to get used to living with mosquitos. The humid, hot environment here makes it a perfect breeding ground for them, especially during the warmer months. It’s important to remember that mosquitos are more than just pesky annoyances causing itchy bug bites. They pose a serious health risk to you, your […]

Ant Control

The National Pest Management Association reports that ants are the most common and worrisome pests for US homeowners. In Alabama, ants, and fire ants in particular, can make your outside family time unbearable. Learn More About Ant Control ​Are ants biting your children, ruining your lawn, and making it impossible to enjoy your yard? Or […]

Rodent Control

Do you suspect you have a rodent, mice, or rat infestation? Have you seen droppings on the floor, especially near your pet’s food or in your pantry? Have you heard rustling sounds at night that you’re not sure what it is? Learn More About Rodent Infestation Control We’re not trying to scare you, but mice […]

Termite Control

Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage per year to US homeowners, affecting over 700 thousand homes. And those are just the homes that know they have termite damage – most go undetected for years. Termite Control Termites work and eat 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and the damage adds up fast! They can literally […]